The KERC supports the research career development of young talents (UGENT students Conference with Korean Embassy)

On Saturday, 27 January, The Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union and the Korea-EU Research Centre(KERC) hosted a conference for Korean student in Ghent University(UGENT).

The aim of the event was to guide their research career path by giving them insights provided by three graduates from UGENT in each stage of career.(Masters, PhD and Industry)

The conference started with the welcome remarks by Korean Ambassador. He encouraged students not only to focus on their study, but also to broaden their knowledge and deepen their global experience, leveraging time studying abroad.

The KERC presented recent development of research cooperation between Korea and Europe, emphasizing the benefits of developing research career in Europe. Also Dr. CHO Woohyun, the director general of the KERC mentioned the KERC’s effort to support young Korean STEM talents in Europe and connection with Ghent University.

The Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Belgium(KOSEAbe) also participated the event to introduce their supporting activities for Korean scientist and students in Belgium.

As the main part of the conference, three graduates from Ghent University shared their experiences in UGENT and their decision making process on their career path after the graduation. A graduate who continued her Master’s and doctoral study in Ghent University explained the benefit of continuing study in UGENT. Another graduate is currently following Master’s degree programme in TU Delft, and the third graduate UGENT continued her study in the Imperial College London and is working in industry as a data scientist.

The event was concluded by mentoring and networking session.

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