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Korea-EU Research Centre

“A Bridgehead to enhance Korea-EU R&D Cooperation” 

The Korea-EU Research Centre(KERC) was established in 2013 to promote the R&I cooperation between Korea and the EU, under the influence of Korean Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT) and the National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF).

Since then, the KERC serves as a platform for both Korea and the EU in order to facilitate their R&I policy and research collaboration. 

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to promote the R&I cooperation between Korea and Europe

To this end, we implement various activities, from improving mutual understandings to creating opportunities for diversified match-makings and collaborations

  • Collect information on R&D programs, current issues, policy trends and R&I proejct’s results
  • Provide weekly newsletters for both sides and publish in-depth analysis report
  • Accumulate information to build a database for Korea-EU R&I cooperation
  • Linkage with research institutes and funding agencies between Korea and Europe
  • Actively engage in relevant events and meetings, and organise them as well
  • “Leadership beyond Membership” Organize and Manage EUKOR Community
  • National Coordinator of NCP
  • Play a role as Korea-EU Desk for each side
  • Support partnering and provide tailored information through webinar and workshops
  • Support decision-making bodies regarding policy cooperation between Korea and the EU
  • Promote researchers of both sides to in/outbound exchange programs
  • Hold info-days to provide opportunities for collaboration
  • Support young researcher’s career development and path-finding

What are we?


Information hub for R&I Cooperation

The KERC is the center of information on Korea-EU R&I cooperation. We collect vast amounts of knowledge, share them through newsletters and publications, and build a database which is open and accessible to everyone.


Networking hub for R&I cooperation

The KERC builds connections with European and Korean organisations, interacts with them, and actively engages in their activities to enhance mutual understanding and coordinate collaboration between both sides.


Facilitator & Pathfinder for R&I Cooperation

As a bridgehead to Europe for Korea, we support governing body, funding agencies, research institute and researchers with a tailored information and well-established network.

Our services

R&I news

We share the information on R&I policy and research trends in Europe and Korea via our website and newsletters. We invite you to subscribe our weekly newsletters.

Issue Report

We publish in-depth analysis of current R&I policy and issue in Europe to enhance understanding and cooperation between Korea and Europe.


We provide information on research landscape of both sides to increase awareness, mutual understanding and cooperation between Korea and Europe.

Networking platform

We operate and provide a platform for the ‘EU-KOR Community’ to facilitate effective cooperation among European and Korean organisations. 

Research Career

We enhance opportunities for young researchers to develop their research careers in Korea and Europe through information sharing, setting up networks, holding events, and mentorship.

NCP Activities

As a National Contact Point of Korea to EU R&I framework programme, we support and coordinate NCP activities for Korea, and provide professional support services to participants.

Our activities

What do we do?

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