Korean researchers develop ‘OLED patch’ that heals wounds using light

A team of South Korean researchers developed an “OLED patch” that can be attached to the skin to help wounds heal using an organic light-emitting diode source aimed at damaged areas.

The technology was developed by a group of researchers led by KAIST’s Jeon Yong-min and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital’s Choi Hye-ryung.

The finding were published in the academic journal Advanced Material Technologies on March 8.

Prototypes of the OLED patch developed by the team of Korean researchers from KAIST and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (National Research Foundation of Korea)

The OLED patch has been designed as an easy, portable tool for delivering a technique called photobiomodulation. PBM is a form of light therapy that uses lasers or light-emitting diodes to improve tissue repair as well as reduce pain and inflammation.


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Source : Koreaherald

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