ICT ministry mulling details of 5G spectrum auction

South Korea's tech ministry is in the process of setting details of the upcoming auction for spectrum supporting the high-end fifth-generation (5G) network, industry watchers said Sunday.

The Ministry of Science and ICT plans to complete its review in the near future and hold a public hearing next month, before completing the auction in June.

"We have conducted simulations on various scenarios for auctions, and gathered opinions from related organizations, mobile carriers, and manufacturers," a ministry official said. "The details of auctions are set to be provided near the public hearing."


The 3.5Ghz and 28Ghz band will be available for the 5G auction.

South Korea's three mobile carriers are setting their eyes on the 3.5Ghz wavelength, which can provide better service at longer distances. This can allow fewer relay transmit stations to be built to set up a nationwide network.


See URL for details : http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20180325000068

Source : Koreaherald, Yonhap

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