[NRF News Releases] 19 latest research achievement

[NRF News Releases] 19 latest research achievement

[NRF News Releases] 19 latest research achievement

  1. Transformer supercapacitors: Autonomous shape-reconfigurable and locomotive rechargeable power sources

  2. Analog-digital hybrid computing platform for low-powered sensor fusion in drones

  3. Artificial muscles with accelerated actuation speed mimic the movements of humans and animals

  4. A new metabolic enzyme required for epigenetic regulation and stem cell fate control

  5. Next-generation combinational immunotherapy using immunoactive nanoparticles and electrical ablation

  6. A New Mechanism of Topological Hall Effect

  7. When less is more: an RNA-binding protein modulates phloem and decides yield outcome in tomato

  8. Experimental realization of a spin-orbit coupling-free three-dimensional topological insulator in photonics

  9. Wearable EEG Electronics for a Brain-AI Closed-Loop System to Enhance Autonomous Machine Decision Making

  10. Unique characteristics of immunosuppressive lung resident neutrophils are generated by prostaglandin E2

  11. Plasticized PVC-Gel Single Layer-Based Stretchable Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Harvesting Mechanical Energy and Tactile Sensing

  12. ALICE makes first direct observation of a fundamental effect in particle physics

  13. Development of therapeutic agent for periodontal disease, identification of treatment process and securing of source technology

  14. Development of self-healing high-entropy alloy superconducting thin films

  15. Professor Inkyu Park’s group has developed Irregular Microdome Structure-Based Sensitive Pressure Sensor Using Internal Popping of Microspheres

  16. Efficient TEOLED Based on Antibiotics Micro-Structures

  17. Direct patterning of colloidal quantum dots with adaptable dual-ligand surface

  18. Discovery of an NADPH sensor for the regulation of ferroptotic cell death

  19. Development of atomic spalling technology that precisely controlled the crack propagation depth in the sub-nanometer range



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