EUKOR Community

The Europe-Korea Research and Innovation Community

Who are we?

'The Europe-Korea Research and Innovation Community' was launched in 2019 as a structured platform for collaborations. The Community aims to promote Korea-EU R&I cooperation through the knowledge exchange on the R&I policy, the match-making events for researchers, and joint calls to support research collaborations and mobility programmes.

The objectives of the EU-KOR Community are :

To organise cooperative activities for supporting researchers' networking between Korea and Europe

To prepare and implement multilateral calls

To exchange information on various programmes offered by the Member organisations.

To function as a structured networking platform, collecting considerable knowledge among the Members.

To share and discuss experiences in practicing policies with regards to R&D related issues.

The Community is jointly founded by following agencies :

DLR Project Management Agency


Swiss National Science Foundation


Fond National de Recherche Scientifique


Czech Academy of Sciences


Centre National de Recherche et Science


Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology


National Centre for Research and Development


Research Council of Norway


Romanian Office for Science and Technology


National Research Foundation of Korea


Korea-EU Research Centre