[NRF News Releases] latest research achievements

  1. Importance of Ventilation for Clean Air Quality in Vehicles

  2. Nanogel for Mitochondria-Targeted Delivery and Release

  3. A novel high-performance dough-type electrolyte for Zn-air battery absorbing water in the air

  4. Reprocessable and Chemically Recyclable Hard Vitrimers with High Thermal Conductivity

  5. Enhanced Ca2+-channeling complex formation at the ER-mitochondria interface underlies the pathogenesis of alcohol-associated liver disease

  6. Steering blackbody radiation

  7. Decoding the Roles of Amyloid-β (1-42)’s Key Oligomerization Domains toward Designing Epitope-Specific Aggregation Inhibitors

  8. A novel ultra-high-strength maraging medium-entropy alloys via dynamic precipitate transformation

  9. Record indoor performance of organic photovoltaics with long-term stability enabled by self-assembled monolayer-based interface management

  10. Far-Red Interlayer Excitons of Perovskite/Quantum-Dot Heterostructures

  11. Charge boosting peptides for the sustained release of therapeutic protein from delivery vehicles

  12. Agronomic Xenobiotic Stress Compromises Aging Gut Defense: A one health perspective

  13. Quantum pruning for high-fidelity photonic circuits

  14. High-performance stretchable thermoelectric generators by reduced internal resistance for fully untethered, self-powered wearables

  15. Development of osteoarthritis therapeutics

  16. Unraveling the molecular mechanisms of DNA damage repair in oocytes

  17. Heteroepitaxial chemistry of zinc chalcogenides on InP nanocrystals for defect-free interfaces with atomic uniformity

  18. Ultra-high-density full-color micro-LED pixel

  19. Ultra-stable porous yolk-shell Ni catalysts for direct internal reforming with alkali poisoning in molten carbonate fuel cell

  20. Investigation of chirality transfer mechanism for development of chiral photoelectrode

  21. AST Paradigm in Cancer Metastasis

  22. Multifunctional artificial blood vessel with self-healing and anti-thrombotic properties

  23. Artificial Immunogenic Cell Death Lipid Nanoparticle Functions as a Therapeutic Vaccine for Cancer

  24. Highly active and durable nanostructured electrodes based on exsolution technique

  25. Pd Sulfidation-Induced 1T-Phase Tuning in Monolayer MoS2 for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

  26. Nitric Oxide-Releasing Bioinspired Scaffold for Osteoporotic Bone Regeneration

  27. Facile fabrication of high-performance UV metasurface by one-step printable platform

  28. Highly-scaled and fully-integrated 3-dimensional ferroelectric transistor array for next-generation computing technologies

  29. Unlocking high-performance chlorine production: Key strategies for developing superior catalytic materials

  30. Mechanism for plants to remember and defend against pathogen attacks

  31. A new ultrafast camera can observe the structures and motions in micro-scale devices

  32. Breakthrough: Metal Glass Coating for Extended Lifespan of Lithium Metal Batteries

  33. Development of a Stretchable All-in-One Electrochromic Device Using Non-Aqueous Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)-Based Electrochromic Ionogel

  34. Reconfigurable Multilevel Optical PUF by Spatiotemporally Programmed Crystallization of Supersaturated Solution

  35. A Novel Time-Saving Synthesis Approach for Li-Argyrodite Superionic Conductor

  36. Novel electrode structure for Enhancing the Performance of PEMWE

  37. Synchronous generations of electrical stimulation and energy harvesting via body-mediated energy transfer

  38. Integration of reconfigurable microchannels into aligned three-dimensional neural networks for spatially controllable neuromodulation

  39. High strength, high insulation, and ultra-low k capacitors that recover semi-permanently during compression

  40. Non-toxic lead-free tin-based perovskite materials for efficient photodetector

  41. High-performance, wafer-scale MoS2 electronics

  42. Improving electric vehicle safety by identifying thermal runaway mechanisms in high-nickel cathode-based lithium-ion batteries


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