Hyundai Mobis completes 5G tech essential for autonomous driving

South Korean auto parts and mobility solution maker Hyundai Mobis said Monday(3 Oct) that it has developed a 5G-based communication module for cars, a core part for autonomous driving and connected car systems that enables real-time, large-volume data processing.

According to Mobis, the new module combines communication and memory functions, as well as a radio frequency circuit and GPS, based on ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency and hyper connectivity technology.

The company will apply this 5G communication module in the vehicle’s telematics service – a technology that connects the vehicle to the external control center to offer drivers with safety information and infotainment services. Examples of telematics services include Over the air (OTA) update, real-time traffic information, and eCall service, through which the vehicle can make an emergency call following a collision.

According to Mobis, about 52 million vehicles are expected to use 5G telematics modules by 2028, compared to some 2 million cars as of 2021.

The Korean firm said the new module will be also used in various aspects of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), pairing with radar, LiDAR and camera sensors.

For the first step, Mobis will create a new, integrated solution using 5G communication module and already-developed vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, to target the global market.

V2X, which refers to a technology that passes information from a vehicle to any entity that may affect the vehicle, is another core technology for connected car system as it requires ultra-high speed communication network.

This integrated 5G communication module and V2X solution will be applied in technologies such as collision avoidance system, automatic speed control near school zone, vehicle control during emergency, which are all still in the nascent stage in terms of development.

Mobis’ latest development in 5G communication module comes as Hyundai Motor Group decided to exchange shares worth about 750 billion won ($520.8 million) with the country’s telecom company KT last month to strengthen their partnership in the future mobility sector. Under the agreement, Hyundai Motor Group plans to acquire 7.7 percent of KT’s treasury stock while KT acquires 1.04 percent of Hyundai Motor Group’s treasury stock and 1.46 percent of Hyundai Mobis’ shares.


By Kim Da-sol


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