LG Uplus, Nokia agree to cooperate in key wireless tech R&D

LG Uplus Corp., South Korea's third-largest mobile carrier, said Wednesday(6 Jul) it has reached a tentative deal with Finnish tech giant Nokia Corp. to cooperate in research and development (R&D) projects for next-generation wireless standards.

According to LG Uplus, the two signed a memorandum of understanding Tuesday(5 Jul), calling for R&D cooperation in areas of 5G Advanced, an enhanced specification of the current 5G wireless technology, and the 6G standard currently in development.

In particular, they plan to join hands for research on the expansion of network structures, bandwidths and service zones.

They also plan to conduct a joint research project on reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS), regarded as a promising emerging hardware technology to improve the spectrum of wireless networks and enhance LG Uplus' 6G frequency expansion capacity.



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