Nation’s 1st commercial Earth observation satellite Sejong-1 launched

The nation's first private Earth observation satellite Sejong-1 was launched on May 25 from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

According to Hancom Group, Sejong-1 was launched into space on the Falcon 9 rocket built by the private American space company SpaceX and communicated with its ground control station. The launch was initially slated for June 1 but got moved up due to weather conditions.

This subminiature satellite weighs 10.8 kg and measures 10 cm wide, 20 cm long and 30 cm tall. It will orbit Earth 12-14 times a day from 500 km from the ground, completing an orbit every 90 minutes.

Having entered its orbit, Sejong-1 will undergo a month-long test run and collect satellite image data of Earth with a 5 m-resolution observation camera.

In September 2020, domestic software developer Hancom merged with space and drone company InSpace to enter the space sector. In late last year, the merged entity developed Sejong-1 in cooperation with the private American satellite company Spire Global.

"This milestone achieved in the domestic satellite data market is monumental news because the country had depended on overseas satellites," Hancom said. "By 2024, a combined five satellites will be launched sequentially and a group satellite system of over 50 satellites will be set up within five years."



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