Korea’s Invitation Programs for Outstanding Overseas Researchers

The Korean government invites outstanding overseas researchers to Korea under the philosophy of “People Come First”

to promote joint research activities and international cooperation with researchers in Korea.


 Brain Pool ( Quota for 2019 (Scheduled): Around 100)

–  Application Submission Period 

(1st) Dec.27, 2018 ~ Mar.5, 2019 18:00 (Korea Local Time)
(2nd) Scheduled to be announced on May ~ June

–  Eligibility

Outstanding scientists in all fields of science and technology who have ‘more
than five years of experience in R&D outside of Korea after obtaining a Ph.D’.

–  Level of Funding 

Personnel costs : KRW 3~17 Million per Month

Invitation Expenses (Airfare, Moving expenses, child education subsidies, insurance premiums, etc. ) : Max. KRW 17.6 Million (Actual expenses)

–  Program period: (Type 1) 6 to 12 months  (Type 2) 3 years (2 +1)


 Korea Research Fellowship (Quota for 2019 (Scheduled): Around 100)

–  Application Submission Period 

(1st) Feb. 1, 2019 ~ Apr. 12, 2019 18:00 (Korea Local Time)
(2nd) Scheduled to be announced on June ~ July

–  Eligibility

Overseas post-doc researchers or Korean national post-doc researchers currently residing outside of Korea who have ‘obtained their doctoral degree
within the past five years’ starting from May 31, 2019

–  Level of Funding 

Personnel costs: Up to KRW 50 million per annum (actual expense) or around KRW 40 million per annum (actual expense)

Living expenses: Up to KRW 12 million per annum (actual expense)

Others(injury/disease insurance, relocation expenses, business travel expenses, conference fees within Korea, Korean language education fees etc.): Up to KRW 5 million per annum (actual expense)

Subsidies for each host institution: KRW 5 million (flat amount)

–  Program period: 3~5 years


More information: 


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Korea Research Fellowship (Guide & Application forms)

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