5G Communication based Automated Vehicle Test-bed (K-City)

Download document : Automated Vehicle Test-bed(K-City)

The K-City project consortium is consists of 16 Korean OEM, Suppliers, researchers.

K-City prepared a test site for autonomous vehicles to simulate real world conditions and to support technological development and verify the safety of automated vehicles.

K-City is always open to European researchers and institutes to test their autonomous vehicles. 

For more information ,  please contact us via our contact form.


Time frame

- Overall : 2016.6 ~ 2019.6 (3 years)

- Currently 3rd year


- $ 19.9 Million (Including private and government fund)


- Coordinator : Korea Automobile Testing and Research Institute

- Partner : 16(OEM, suppliers, researchers)

Project Objective

- To establish technologies for assessing safety and to establish verification facilities for ensuring safety of Autonomous Vehicles

‧ Provision of various on-road environments (road, traffic, and communications)

- Simulated testing of possible accidents (crashing) that may happen during the driving

‧ Simulate real world and simulation to support technologies development

‧ Verify safety of automated vehicles



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