V2X Truck Platooning in S. Korea

Download document : V2X Truck Platooning


The objectives of the V2X Truck Platooning project  are to develop truck automation and C-ITS Services for truck platooning. This project was launched in April 2018.

But the opportunity for joint research for European researchers or institutes is still open.

For more information about the opportunity for joint research,  please contact us via our contact form.



- Overall : 2018.4 ~ 2021.12 (4 years)

- Currently 1st year


- $ 12 Million (Including private and government fund)


- Coordinator : Korea Express Company

- Partner : 13(OEM, suppliers, researchers)

Project Objective

- Enables Platooning in open highway and keeping FVs position in the platoon with a safe distances and lane keeping. The driving behavior of the LV is transmitted by V2V to FV(s) and synchronize(cooperate) the behavior

- Enables providing Customized C-ITS services(e.g. incidents ahead, traffic, weather) to platooning under consideration of platoon's behaviour and trailer-truck specification


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