Marine Seed Bank


A big glass bottle is filled with numerous chunks that look like pink jelly beans. What are they?

They are seeds of a purple laver variety. The laver is kept at a low temperature in a laboratory throughout the summer.

There is a big-size abalone in a fish farm. It is 20 centimeters long.

This is a giant abalone that looks like a horse's hoof. The size of its shells is the biggest among the abalone species.

White recognition chips are attached to the surface of the ear-shaped shells to identify their size and origin.

Like banks, this laboratory stores the seeds of regionally-renowned fish and shellfish varieties.

[Yoo Byeong-Dong, senior researcher, Korea Institute of Marine Science & Technology Promotion]
"It (The seed bank) plays a role to develop new species with preserved genetic resources, which are not affected by climate change, by using crossbreeding and selection breeding methods."

The seed bank has been contributing to developing new native fisheries species and diversifying marine ecosystem.


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Source : YTN

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