Yogurt Made from Rice

The base of the dressing on this salad is a yogurt made 100 percent from rice.

A recent study shows that the yogurt made from rice has higher antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

In particular, the yogurt made from black rice contains dietary fiber twice that in the lactic-acid fermented milk.

The yogurt is created by fermenting embryo buds of rice and lactic acid bacteria together in the rice flour water.

If the black rice is used, the yogurt will be colored purple.

[Choi Hye-Seon, researcher, RDA]
"The yogurt made from rice has characteristics which are similar to those of the yogurt made with milk. We've confirmed that it (the yogurt made from rice) has better functionalities (for health) than the milk yogurt because it is rich in lysine, GABA, and dietary fiber."

A beer made with rice has already been on sale.

Part of the barley starch used to produce the beer is replaced with rice starch.

The beer has a neat aftertaste.

[Park Jong-Cheol, researcher, RDA]
"We plan to encourage more farmers to grow this rice variety which has been customized to produce rice flour to help reduce the (beer) production costs.

Much effort is going on to increase the consumption of rice by diversifying the use of the cereal grain.


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Source : YTN

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