Agelas Extracts Effective in Treating Liver Cancer

Agelas, a porifera living in the tropical sea.

A South Korean research team has found that substances extracted from "Agelas," a fungus living in tropical waters, can be used to treat liver cancer.

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) announced on June 17 that a research team led by Park Hee-cheol, a professor of the Radiation Genetics Department at the Samsung Medical Center, conducted research using Agelas extracts and discovered for the first time in the world that they have excellent effects on radiation treatment of liver cancer patients. Agelas lives at the bottom of the sea and the research team collected it in Chuuk province of Micronesia.

The research team monitored the effects of radiation therapy after injecting Agelas extracts into liver cancer cells. They found that the combination of radiation therapy and injection of Agelas extracts had better results in killing cancer cells or inhibiting their proliferation than when radiation therapy alone was used or other extracts were injected.

The MOF said, “When radiotherapy was combined with administration of Agelas extracts, the mortality of cancer cells and the inhibition of their proliferation was 69 percent, 4 times as high as the 17 percent recorded whtn the radiation treatment alone was used.”

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