Mobile Technology for Self-driving Car

Just like in the movie, a car is coming to its owner when called via smartphone.

This is a driverless, autonomous car.

The car with the researchers on board stops at the red light.

Overcoming various dangerous traffic situations, the car successfully completed its self-driving test run.

[Choi Jeong-Dan, senior researcher, ETRI]
"The vehicles equipped with cameras automatically process and database the information about the pedestrians surrounding them. Based on the precision map data created through this process, the autonomous cars will have upgraded self-driving capabilities."

The newly developed technology using deep learning applications enables the self-driving EV to automatically produce and update a precise map that helps it apprehend the surrounding environment on the road.

The error range of the world-class precision map is known to be less than 10 centimeters.

The research team has reduced the power consumption of the customized artificial intelligence software to 100 watts or less, enabling self-driving to be realized even by a small EV with insufficient electric power.

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Source : YTN

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