Korean firms target top tech

LG Electronics invested in USD 3 million into the U.S.-based robotics firm BossaNova Robotics on June 22. The photo shows a BossaNova Robotics service robot managing the shelves at a retail store. (LG Electronics)

Korean companies are concentrating on high-tech information and communications technology (ICT), hoping that this will give them an edge as the fourth industrial revolution unrolls across the global economy. The key technologies mainly include robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Large Korean conglomerates are working hard to be at a piont where the development of ICT can become a new engine for economic growth in and of itself, by connecting technologies with innovation within those fields.

Korea’s leading telecommunications firm, KT, unveiled on June 22 "AIR i," an electric bicycle equipped with IoT, in collaboration with Reacon Hi-Tech, a smart mobility-specialized firm.

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Source : KOREA.NET


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