South Korea mediocre in cloud computing readiness: BSA

South Korea ranks 12th out of 24 of the world’s top information technology economies in terms of cloud computing readiness, according to the 2018 BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard, a bi-annual study that assesses and compares the cloud computing policies of different countries.

Korea’s ranking remains unchanged from that of 2016, suggesting a need for more flexibility in the legal and regulatory environment for cloud services here, BSA said.

BSA is an international software industry trade association with members including Amazon Web Services, Autodesk, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Salesforce. Every two years, it releases a global report that ranks countries’ preparedness for the adoption and growth of cloud services.

The body assesses countries on seven fronts — data privacy, security, cybercrime, intellectual property rights support for industry-led standards and international harmonization of rules, promoting free trade and IT readiness and broadband deployment.

For Korea, its rankings were weak in some criteria and very strong in others -- an unusual scenario as most countries tend to score high or low similarly across the categories, said BSA President and CEO Victoria A. Espinel in presenting the report in Seoul on Wednesday.


BSA President and CEO Victoria A. Espinel (BSA Korea)


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