Incheon Bridge Co. CEO wins Certified Projects Director

Incheon Bridge Co. CEO Kim Soo-hong was awarded Certified Projects Director or Level A certification from the International Project Management Association, the company said Wednesday.

Incheon Bridge Co. CEO Kim Soo-hong poses with International Project Management Association’s evaluation officials in Madrid, Spain. (Incheon Bridge Co.)

Level A certification is an international standard certification given by the IPMA, a leading Swiss-registered nonprofit organization, which reviews large-scale projects around the world. Since its establishment in 1965, the IPMA has sought to introduce a value creating project management system in 68 countries.

Kim is the first Korean to win such certification.

According to Incheon Bridge Co., Kim was given high scores in 29 categories such as the complexity of the project and management skills. Based on the criteria, global project management experts took several months to interview and narrow down candidates and evaluate projects. An average of one to two project managers win the certification, the company said.

The Incheon Bridge construction project, which built a 21.38-kilometer-long bridge connecting Songdo and Yeongjongdo where Incheon Airport is located, also won the Premium Gold Winner Award at the IMPA’s 50th-anniversary ceremony in 2015. The occasion led to the establishment of IMPA Korea in the following year, making South Korea the IPMA’s 65th member state.

“It was more than meaningful to interact with renowned project managers and receive feedback from IPMA,” said Kim, adding that Incheon Bridge Co. will continue to complete future projects successfully and support other Korean project managers to receive the certification.


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Source : KoreaHerald

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