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Thank you for visiting the Korea-EU Research Centre (KERC) website.

As a base of collaboration within the sphere of Korea-EU Research and Policy, our center will do its best to encourage Korean researchers to participate in EU R&D programs.


The European Union, along with the United States and China, is positioning itself as a global R&D investment leader.

The European Union, which traditionally has excellent technology in the field of basic science, is also leading the way in…

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Mission, History and Achievements

Our Organization was established in November 2013, under the name of KIC-Europe as the first Research & Innovation Centre in Brussels to collect and distribute relevant information and to build up networks in research and innovation between Korea and the EU.

Due to the functions restructure in March 2017, our organization changed its name from KIC-Europe to KERC (Korea-EU Research Center) to focus on R&D collaboration and Policy development between Korea and the EU.



About KERC Timeline

March 20

Dr. RA, SangWon was inaugurated as the 1st Director General of KERC

From March 2017 To present

March 16

Changed the name of organization to KERC Focusing on R&D cooperation and Policy development

Innovation department (Startup and SMEs supporting activities) re-located to Berlin, Germany with the name of KIC-Europe

May 2

Dr. ON, GiWon was inaugurated as the 1st Director General of KIC-Europe

From May 2014 To April 2016

November 8

KIC-Europe was established

On the purpose of “Bridging all fields of research and innovation between Korea and the EU”

Main achievements

Match Making for R&D Building & approval of the R&D Consortium between Korea and EU for EU projects (H2020 4, Eureka 5, Eurostars 1)

H2020 (4)
(H2020 Joint Calls)EUK-01-2016: 5G – Next Generation Communication Networks5G/ICTFrance  CEA-LEITCEA-LEIT(France), ETRI/SKT/KT/Samsung (Korea), iMinds(Belgium) 외’16.6.1.~’18.5.31.(2Y), 3600 M
(H2020 Joint Calls)EUK-03-2016: Federated Cloud resource brokerage for mobile cloud servicesCloud Computing/ICTGreece NTUANTUA(Greece), CAS(Germany), CNR(Italy), ATOS(Spain), Amenesik(France), ETRI/Innogrid/KT/SNU(Korea)’16.6.1.~’18.5.31.(2Y), 1800 M
H2020 IoT-01-2016 (Large Scale Pilot 5: Autonomous Vehicles in a Connected


IoT/ICTBelgium ERTICOEU: ERTICO, Bosch, CEA, BMW, Peugeot, Continental, IBM Vedecom, TNO, VTT, NEC, Huawei etc.

KR: ETRI, Meta Build

’16.12.~’19. 12(3Y), EU: 25M

Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Technology

parts and materials /



EU: CTTC, Politecnico of Milan, VERTILAS, Eindhoven University of Tech. Telefonica


EU: 89M

(EUREKA)Environmental Sensing To Act for a Better quality of Life: Smart Health (ESTABLISH)u-HealthEU: TNO



ETRI, SungSin University

TNO(NL), VTT(Finland), FhG(Germany), Tenalia, KPN(NL), ETRI(Korea), Siveco(Romania), Sirris(Belgium), CZ Technical University in Prague(CZ),

IPP(Portugal), Turkgen(Turkey)

’16.1.7.~’19.1.7.(3Y), 1500M
(EUREKA)Improving Offshore Petroleum Safety by Remote Monitoring of Worker Location and Biometrics(SafeRescue)Smart &



Innovative Trauma Care Inc., Canada


Innovative Trauma Care Inc.(Canada), Airbus(France), ETRI(Korea), Almende BV(Netherlands), Prodevelop(Spain), GOHM Elect.(Turkey) + 7 Org’16.1.7.~’19.1.7.(3Y), 1500M
(EUREKA Network E!11150) Quantum GS DevelopmentICT/Space ExplorationFrance:Eutelsat.S.A


Eutelsat S.A. (France),ETRI (Korea), ASAT (Korea)’17.1.~’19.12(3Y),


EUREKA Cluster(EURIPIDE) Laser Innovation for Flexible ElectronicsLaser Innovation for Flexible ElectronicsAmplitude Syst.mes (France)FR: ALPhANOV

KR : DUKSAN, KIMM, Pusan University, PAL


EU: 2.45M


OPTimised Industrial IoT and Distributed Control Platform for Manufacturing and Material Handling (OPTIMUM)

IoT, Industry


German, IFAKKR: ETRI, Handysoft

EU: German, Spain, Turkey, France, Sweden


EU: 12.7 M€

KR: 0.4M/1.2M

(Eurostars 2016) Smart home Security moduleHome Security/ICTLAP-Sik, DenmarkEU: LAP-Sik, DBI, DFM




KR: 0.4M/1.2M

NCP (National Contact Point)


NCP (National Contact Point) is a government-driven programme to help Korean researchers’ access to EC’s research funding programme such as previously FP7 and currently Horizon2020, to provide the latest news and information related to R&D and relevant policy in the EU and to play a bridging role in building close networks between European and Korean researchers. NCP are experts in their relevant field.

Primary role

NCPs provide highly professional services by spreading awareness, giving specialist advice, and providing on-the-ground guidance, with the view to ensuring that the new programme becomes known and readily accessible to all potential applicants. The Republic of Korea, as a third country under Horizon 2020, supports not only Korean researchers, institutions, and enterprises who seek guidance for participation in the EU Horizon projects but also European counterparts interested in R&D collaboration with Korea.

Information & Distribution

Building Korean/EU’s network

  • Exploring Korean and European researchers to build a close network
  • Supporting Korean researchers to join in the EU Consortium (Contact NCP)

Management of NCP Network

  • Supporting Korean researchers in planning/making a project proposal
  • Developing strategy of participation of Horizon2020 (Horizon2020 Practical Guideline)
  • Responsible for providing consulting services on project proposals and administration works (Contact NCP)

Proposal review and contract

  • Provide information & proposal review
  • Supporting research contract discussions


With KERC serving as a platform to promote integrated Korea-EU R&D cooperation, KERC’s NCPs provide information on EU R&D, EU policy trends, as well as expert advice in their field. (Contact NCP)


KERC Mentors

KERC launched KERC Mentors on 1st November 2017. KERC Mentors, groups of specialist in their own field, promote R&D cooperation between Korea and the EU by providing EU technology trends.

KERC Mentors consist of Korean researchers who have a successful career in Europe. They provide European R&D detailed trend analysis for each field.


Primary role


Hwang, JongWoonㆍOrganization: KIST EuropeR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Smart Convergence Group leader
PARK, ChungHaeㆍOrganization: Ecole Nationale Supérieure Mines Télécom Lille DouaiR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Professor
PARK, WonSunㆍOrganization: GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research KielR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Senior Scientist
JANG, JiWonㆍOrganization: E2AInnovationR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Co-CEO
KIM, JooHwanㆍOrganization: Fraunhofer ISCR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Head of International Business Development
KO, YoungWookㆍOrganization: Queen’s University BelfastICT
ㆍTitle: Lecturer
KANG, KabSeokㆍOrganization: Max Planck Institute for Plasma physicsICT
ㆍTitle: High Level Support Team
CHOI, JungHanㆍOrganization: Fraunhofer Institute (HHI)ICT
ㆍTitle: Project Manager
JUNG, SungKyoㆍOrganization: NXP ProductsICT
ㆍTitle: Senior R&D Engineer
CHOI, KyungIlㆍOrganization: Eutelsat S.A.ST
ㆍTitle: System engineer
LIM, SungwooㆍOrganization: The Open UniversityST
ㆍTitle: Research Fellow
KIM, SangWonㆍOrganization: KIST EuropeET
ㆍTitle: Senior Researcher
SHIN, Dong-hyukㆍOrganization: University of EdinburghET
ㆍTitle: Lecturer
KIM, TaeGonㆍOrganization: imecNT
ㆍTitle: Senior Researcher
KIM, SejongㆍOrganization: Saint Gobain Building Glass EuropeNT
ㆍTitle: Lead Buyer
CHOI, YoonHongㆍOrganization: Public Health England BT
ㆍTitle: Senior Scientist
HAN, NamShikㆍOrganization: University of CambridgeBT
ㆍTitle: Head of Computational Biology
MIN, WookeeㆍOrganization: Max Planck Institute for Molecular BiomedicineBT
ㆍTitle: Senior Researcher

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