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Researchers uncover new cause behind Alzheimer’s memory loss

Hyundai Mobis system able to check multiple vital signs in cars

[MSIT Press Releases] The 5th ROK-ASEAN meeting, ICT exports record

New Polymer Mesophase Structure Discovered​

PICASSO Technique Drives Biological Molecules into Technicolor​

A Closer Samsung-BMW Partnership Anticipated

Samsung Looking to Begin Mass Production of GAA-based 2-nm Products in 2025

Doosan Group to Invest KRW1tn in Semiconductor Testing Business

S. Korea to launch aviation satellite to boost GPS accuracy, flight safety

S. Korea confirms homegrown space rocket’s satellite orbit deployment capability

LG, Kakao to cooperate on future mobility tech

Samsung expected to announce mass production of 3nm chip next week

AI CCTV solutions to be adopted at nursing homes for privacy protection

New bomb detector with simultaneous use of X-rays and neutrons

SK Telecom aims to secure sizable share in cloud groupware and ERP market

Korea becomes 7th nation to independently launch satellite into space

S. Korea joins elite space club as 7th member

Lotte hints at major portfolio shift to expand bio businesses

KIMM Helping Mongolia Solve Particulate Matter Pollution in Ulaanbaatar

Dispatching KIMM AI Firefighters for Initial Response in Extinguishing Fires

[MSIT Press Releases] Space development, Strategic technologies, Quantum technology

Homegrown technology developed for real-time inspection of rail supporting facilities

LG Uplus uses quantum computer for optimized 6G satellite communication

Krafton releases teaser image of first hyper-realistic virtual human ‘Ana’

State project launched to develop real-time underwater disaster monitoring technology

Government-initiated task force launched to develop 50-qubit quantum computer by 2026

Self-driving cars able to make U-turns, change lanes tested in Seoul

Game Design Guide Book for Middle-Aged and Older Adult Players Helps Rewrite Gaming Culture​

Samsung’s Lee meets with Dutch PM Rutte to discuss chip cooperation

LG to enter logistics market with robotic tech

Samsung’s Lee visits ASML to expand cooperation, secure vital chip equipment

S. Korea indefinitely postpones launch of space rocket over technical glitch