S. Korea, France vow to boost joint tech development for innovative industries

South Korea and France agreed to deepen cooperation on the development of advance technologies in such new industry fields as mobility and battery, the industry ministry said Thursday(22 Sep).

The consensus was reached during the seventh Korea-France forum on innovative industries under way in Seoul, which is meant to share the achievement of their joint projects and find new ones regarding new industry fields, according to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

Some 47 South Korean firms and 37 French companies took part in the one-day event and held discussion sessions, the ministry said, adding that it also brought together some 200 officials and experts from the two nations.

So far, South Korea and France have extended 40.8 billion won (US$28.97 million) for joint research and development projects in self-driving cars, health care and IT convergence, and the two sides have achieved tangible results, such as making innovative products together, according to the ministry.

"The two nations will push for various projects together in hydrogen, energy management, battery and other advanced sectors based on trust and will seek joint responses to carbon neutrality and various industry transformation issues," a ministry official said.


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