NCP (National Contact Point)


NCP (National Contact Point) is a government-driven programme to help Korean researchers' access to EC's research funding programme such as previously FP7 and currently Horizon2020, to provide the latest news and information related to R&D and relevant policy in the EU and to play a bridging role in building close networks between European and Korean researchers. NCP are experts in their relevant field.

Primary role

NCPs provide highly professional services by spreading awareness, giving specialist advice, and providing on-the-ground guidance, with the view to ensuring that the new programme becomes known and readily accessible to all potential applicants. The Republic of Korea, as a third country under Horizon 2020, supports not only Korean researchers, institutions, and enterprises who seek guidance for participation in the EU Horizon projects but also European counterparts interested in R&D collaboration with Korea.

Information & Distribution

Building Korean/EU's network

  • Exploring Korean and European researchers to build a close network
  • Supporting Korean researchers to join in the EU Consortium (Contact NCP)

Management of NCP Network

  • Supporting Korean researchers in planning/making a project proposal
  • Developing strategy of participation of Horizon2020 (Horizon2020 Practical Guideline)
  • Responsible for providing consulting services on project proposals and administration works (Contact NCP)

Proposal review and contract

  • Provide information & proposal review
  • Supporting research contract discussions


With KERC serving as a platform to promote integrated Korea-EU R&D cooperation, KERC's NCPs provide information on EU R&D, EU policy trends, as well as expert advice in their field. (Contact NCP)