Mission & Vision


Leadership beyond membership

Mission & Vision - KERC 2020-2021

  • Expertise-driven activities

Enhance expertise on main R&I cooperation areas (ICT, BT, Policy)


  • KERC Issue Report

In-depth analysis on societal issues (e.g. Open Access, Gender equality, Research ethics)


  • EUKOR Community

Activate the Korea-EU Networking platform for collaborative actions between research and funding agencies in Korea and in Europe


  • Mobility 2040

Enhance opportunities for young researchers to develop their research careers in Korea and in Europe


  • KERC Newsletter

Publish newsletters on the research and the R&I policy trends in Europe and in Korea : "What's new in Europe" & "What's new in Korea"


  • e-KERC (www.k-erc.eu)

To increase its accessibility and availability, through the web platform, share the relevant knowledge & information and digitalize the activities promoting Korea-EU R&I cooperation.