Mission & Vision

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What is Korea-EU Research Centre about?

"Leadership beyond membership"

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to promote the R&I cooperation between Korea and Europe through various activities, from improving mutual understandings to creating opportunities for diversified match-makings and collaborations.

  • Collect and analyze information on R&D programs, current issues and trends
  • Publish 'KERC Newsletter' and 'Issue Report'
  • Information sharing via website : www.k-erc.eu
  • Promote researchers of both sides to in/outbound exchange programs
  • Hold info-days to provide opportunities for collaboration
  • Support young researcher's career development and path-finding
  • Linkage with research institutes and funding agencies between Korea and Europe
  • Organize networking meetings
  • Organize and Manage EUKOR Community
  • National Coordinator of NCP
  • Play a role as Korea/EU Desk for each side
  • Support partnering and provide tailored information
  • Support policy cooperation between Korea and the EU

what we do

Our activities

What do we do to enhance Korea-EU R&I cooperation?