KERC Mentors

KERC launched KERC Mentors on 1st November 2017. KERC Mentors, groups of specialist in their own field, promote R&D cooperation between Korea and the EU by providing EU technology trends.

KERC Mentors consist of Korean researchers who have a successful career in Europe. They provide European R&D detailed trend analysis for each field.


Primary role


Hwang, JongWoonㆍOrganization: KIST EuropeR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Smart Convergence Group leader
PARK, ChungHaeㆍOrganization: Ecole Nationale Supérieure Mines Télécom Lille DouaiR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Professor
PARK, WonSunㆍOrganization: GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research KielR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Senior Scientist
JANG, JiWonㆍOrganization: E2AInnovationR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Co-CEO
KIM, JooHwanㆍOrganization: Fraunhofer ISCR&D Policy
ㆍTitle: Head of International Business Development
KO, YoungWookㆍOrganization: Queen’s University BelfastICT
ㆍTitle: Lecturer
KANG, KabSeokㆍOrganization: Max Planck Institute for Plasma physicsICT
ㆍTitle: High Level Support Team
CHOI, JungHanㆍOrganization: Fraunhofer Institute (HHI)ICT
ㆍTitle: Project Manager
JUNG, SungKyoㆍOrganization: NXP ProductsICT
ㆍTitle: Senior R&D Engineer
CHOI, KyungIlㆍOrganization: Eutelsat S.A.ST
ㆍTitle: System engineer
LIM, SungwooㆍOrganization: The Open UniversityST
ㆍTitle: Research Fellow
KIM, SangWonㆍOrganization: KIST EuropeET
ㆍTitle: Senior Researcher
SHIN, Dong-hyukㆍOrganization: University of EdinburghET
ㆍTitle: Lecturer
KIM, TaeGonㆍOrganization: imecNT
ㆍTitle: Senior Researcher
KIM, SejongㆍOrganization: Saint Gobain Building Glass EuropeNT
ㆍTitle: Lead Buyer
CHOI, YoonHongㆍOrganization: Public Health England BT
ㆍTitle: Senior Scientist
HAN, NamShikㆍOrganization: University of CambridgeBT
ㆍTitle: Head of Computational Biology
MIN, WookeeㆍOrganization: Max Planck Institute for Molecular BiomedicineBT
ㆍTitle: Senior Researcher