Network based Precise Positioning Infrastructure for Land Transportation (NETPPI-LT)

Download document : Precise Positioning(NETPPI-LT)


The NETPPI-LT project team is developing location determination techniques using satellite navigation in a land traffic environment and the core technology for lane-recognition using a GNSS single frequency receiver (low-cost) during driving.

Time frame

– Overall : 2016.4 ~ 2018.12 (3 years)

– Currently 3rd year (finished)


– $ 7.3 Million (Including private and government fund)


– Coordinator : Korea Aerospace Research Institute

– Partner : 10 (OEM, suppliers, researchers)

Project Objective

– In order to use GNSS for Vehicle position, GNSS position information should be more reliable

– Providing integrity information in order to ensure the reliability of the positioning (Protection Level) of the vehicle (guaranteed integrity probability : 99.99%)



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