Thank you for visiting the Korea-EU Research Centre (KERC) website.

As a base of collaboration within the sphere of Korea-EU Research and Policy, our center will do its best to encourage Korean researchers to participate in EU R&D programs.


The European Union, along with the United States and China, is positioning itself as a global R&D investment leader.

The European Union, which traditionally has excellent technology in the field of basic science, is also leading the way in scientific innovation, with increased investment in various fields of applied science for the purpose of solving social challenges through scientific innovations.

Therefore, our international collaboration with the EU, which has a large influence as a single market and has abundant funding for outstanding research, will provide a new growth engine for the development of scientific innovation in Korea.

Our center will swiftly gather and spread S&T information of Korea and the EU and establish a foundation for diverse Korea-EU cooperation. In addition, we will do our best to acquire information on the best research institutes and researchers in Korea and the EU so that an optimised consortium can be formed to promote joint Korea-EU research.

We hope that you will be able to support our center’s efforts to improve our future cooperation efforts.


Korea-EU Research Centre (KERC)